Beating Diabol Immortal: A Comprehensive Guide To Becoming A Pro At The Game

The online RPG, Diabol Immortal, has drawn in gamers from all over the globe due to its energetic game mechanics and extensive character classes. Out of the vast amount of tactics and approaches, one has distinguished itself as a powerful choice–the Nuclear Bomb Set.

Gaining Insight into the Nuclear Bomb Collection

The Nuclear Bomb Set, which comes from the 6-piece effect accessible from the nomadic dealers in the game, has been crafted to cause a gigantic area-of-effect hurt to a percentage of 40% of the player’s max health. Boasting its ability to cause critical hits and display armor penetration, it can be further amplified with the use of items like the Beanstalk Flag. Let’s take a look at its capability in different circumstances.

Victory Through Player Versus Player Combat

When it comes to Player versus Player (PVP) battles, the Nuclear Bomb Set really excels, since the main goal is to survive. It is especially effective in the War Song Vault or against an unsuspecting adversary. The “door-blocking technique” can be used to take the enemy by surprise, granting the Shadow faction an edge. For such a scenario, it is highly suggested to use the Nuclear Bomb Set.

Compatibility Based on Resonance and Degree

When investigating the minimum requirements to use the Nuclear Bomb Set in PVP combat, we find that resonance levels of 1000 or below are still effective. Combining a peak level of 150 with resonance at around 7000 provides a health pool of approximately 70,000. Allocating points intelligently and aiming to maximize health can bring the total to around 90,000, granting a strong foundation to build upon for utilizing the Nuclear Bomb Set.

The Different Stages of a Nuclear Weapon Blast

In order to make the most out of the Nuclear Bomb Set, gamers must advance through multiple stages, boosting their efficiency in combat.

Step One:

The first stage of the process is the fundamental stage.

At the start, it is essential to get the full set of six Nuclear Bomb Set pieces. Players should bear in mind the “Stamina” characteristic and make sure it is maintained in all pieces. For gear, the recommended choices are the Abyssal Soul Necklace, two Echoing Ice Rings, Silent Temple Gloves, the Mad King Belt, and the Tower of Oblivion Boots.

Phase Two: Advanced

As they progress and reach their highest power level, gamers must realign their point allocation. Therefore, it is advisable to put emphasis on health accumulation and aim for an increase of 15,000 in the health pool. Following this, the point distribution must be modified to reach a health pool of 90,000. The main abilities to focus on include Unyielding Land, Pursuit of Victory, United We Stand, Shoulder to Shoulder, and the rest of the points should be invested in Remaining Calm. These modifications are an essential part of the advanced phase of the Nuclear Bomb Set.

Gaining Optimal Health Outcomes Through Layering Approaches

Players who seek to maximize their health levels can deploy multiple techniques to increase their total health points.

1. Fusion with Sunstone:

When playing Sunstone Fusion, one can mix and match stones to enhance their health. A savvy pick would be Red Jasper Stones, as they are affected by resonance and grant a greater health bonus.

2. The Legacy of Heraclius:

Heraclius’ heritage is one that is embedded deeply in history. It is a heritage comprised of key accomplishments, and one that continues to have a lasting impact to this day.

Located in the Warband Relics Chamber, players can choose either the Command Center or Library. Focusing on the attribute “Protection”, they can gear up with the Shepherd’s Burden, raising the size by 15% and the maximum health by 6.5%.

The Third Step: Refinement

Players can improve their health pool by refining the properties of their equipment. Giving the “Protection” attribute a boost, as well as a 0.5-1.0% growth in maximum health can be achieved by using Barrier Stones for refinement.

Suggestions for Precious Stones

Testing and observation have revealed that particular gems can yield optimal results when used in conjunction with the Nuclear Bomb Set. This set is advantageous for many character classes; however, it has proven to be particularly effective for Barbarians, Monks, and other close-quarters combatants. Winged Monks especially have taken notice of the Nuclear Bomb Set due to their capacity to generate powerful blasts with their prolonged health pools. Gems such as Endurance, Battle Guardian, and Divine Blessing are recommended, with the latter granting notable percentage-based health boosts.

Taking into Account and Concluding Ideas

It must be remembered that what is proposed in this article mainly relates to Player vs. Player (PVP) play. Those with a power level of approximately 3000 or less may be more focused on slaying monsters, in which case the Nuclear Bomb Set might not be the best option. But, as power levels exceed 3500, gamers can start to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of having more health versus more damaging power. In the end, the choice is up to each person based on their preferences and how they play.

In Summary

For those seeking to become a master at Diabol Immortal, having knowledge of the different types of equipment is of the utmost importance. Moreover, it is necessary to be well-versed in the game’s operational skills. To augment your abilities, you can engage in practice sessions using the Redfinger Android emulator, found on

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