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Shocking Facts About Celebrities

There are many forums in which scandals abound, but none attract more attention than Hollywood. The combination of ingredients that make up Hollywood gossip rags have kept it afloat since the days of silent film. Its stars are no exception. Here are some shocking facts about some famous people. They are often accused of committing heinous crimes, such as murder. However, they continue to act, and even star in Indian television shows.

In 2008, Anne Hathaway was caught in a riptide while filming the movie “Chinatown.” She was allegedly banned from taking a bathroom break while filming, so she was forced to relieve herself in a cup. The director and her crew managed to save her, but not before she got into trouble herself. She was later banned from seeing her boyfriend, Joshua James Corbett, for 10 years.

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Many Hollywood stars got their start in the adult industry. In fact, Sylvester Stallone was bare-chested before starting his “legitimate” career. And Jackie Chan made his debut in XXX movies in the 1970s. He also performed stunts himself. One shocking fact about celebrities is that some of them hire people to cut their hair. The actresses and actors also have a habit of hiring people to remove the cardboard sleeves from their coffee.

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