What is Web Hosting Class 12?

Web hosting is a service that allows an individual to create a website that can be accessed via the World Wide Web (WWW). The web host provides web space to store all of the website’s component files. It also handles network requests from users Rarbgweb. The web server processes these requests and serves web pages to them. There are various types of web servers, including mail servers, proxy servers, and application servers.

A web hosting provider offers both free and paid hosting for their customers Muctau. This service provides space for your website on a server and gives you access to the server’s resources. These providers have webservers with IP addresses that map to a domain name. These providers provide website space and management software to help you manage your website Newshunttimes.

A web server is a computer that processes incoming network requests through HTTP. It is also used to store and broadcast website files. It is important to select a web host that has good security measures in place. A web host will protect your site and prevent malware from accessing it. They will also help you prevent hackers from damaging your website


If you’re a high traffic website, you can choose between a dedicated server and a shared server. Dedicated hosting is ideal for large websites with high traffic, while co-location hosting is ideal for small businesses that need flexibility

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