Does Space Expansion Affect Our Solar System?

As the universe expands, we observe that matter on a local level is not expanding, nor is space between planets. However, space itself is growing. That means that the earth is drifting away from the sun. As a result, space expansion will eventually shift the planets away from the sun. It may even change the shape of the earth. But is this a bad thing? Let’s consider the implications of expanding space on Earth.

A combination of observations and theoretical physics led to the discovery of gravitational waves. These waves are associated with the cosmic microwave background, leftover radiation from the Big Bang. It’s not immediately apparent if gravitational waves were present. However, the signal that NASA detected was so small that it could be explained by dust in the Milky Way. The effect is still subtle, but scientists believe it is there. To understand this phenomenon, we need to consider the expanding universe theory.Latest klwapnews and malluvilla More¬†

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The universe is roughly 15 billion years old. Galaxies have travelled more than 15 billion light years. The universe is likely infinite. It’s filled with matter, which means that the early universe may have expanded more rapidly than light does. While the expansion of space has increased the distance between particles, there’s no center. As a result, all matter on earth is not expanding. The expansion of space has caused the planets to grow in size.

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