Five Common Workplace Accidents Involved in Workers’ Compensation Cases in Newport News

A lot of kinds of workplace accidents can cause injuries that make an employee eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. The benefits a worker can recover include medical bills and lost wages. A reliable injured at work lawyer Newport News can assist an injured worker with their claim, helping them access the benefits they need and deserve. Keep reading to know the various kinds of workplace accidents in workers’ comp cases:

Explosions and Fires

Explosions and fires that happen in the workplace usually result from improper storage of combustible products, poor pipe fittings, malfunctioning gas lines, and open flames. These accidents carry a high casualty rate. Victims of workplace fires and explosions can sustain injuries such as burn injuries, respiratory system damage, disfigurement, as well as blast injuries that impact body tissues, lungs, gastrointestinal tract, and ears.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Typically, employers take precautions to prevent workers from slipping and falling in the workplace. They enforce safety regulations and require their workers to wear protective equipment such as non-slip footwear. Unfortunately, slip and fall accidents still happen at work and include accidents due to oily surfaces, uneven flooring, and loose mats. 

Machinery Accidents

In a machinery accident, a worker can be crushed or pinned by machinery or trapped in it. Because of the risks related to the use of heavy machinery, employees must undergo proper training on a piece of machinery before they use it. Also, equipment must be well-maintained to prevent this type of accident.

Vehicle-Related Accidents

These accidents take place while an employee is driving because of a business-related purpose. Depending on the circumstances, this could happen in a company or personal vehicle. This type of accident is common for police officers and those who travel for business. Also, employees can sustain injuries after being hit by an oncoming vehicle while they repair roads or work in traffic zones. 

Repetitive Stress Injuries or Overexertion

Repetitive injuries can develop because of repetitive motions that a certain kind of job activity requires. If an employee should perform similar actions over and over, they can sustain injuries like carpal tunnel, bursitis, and tendonitis. Such injuries are common among desk-bound workers, assembly line workers, and those who perform heavy lifting regularly.

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If a work-related accident has left you injured, you can seek workers’ comp benefits to cover damages such as medical bills and lost wages. A dependable attorney will assess your case and inform you about your legal options.  


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