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The Dark Side of K Pop Music Entertainment

While the K-pop industry has become wildly successful, it also has some dark side. Most trainee-stars are locked into lengthy contracts with very little control over their lives. In some cases, these contracts even entitle trainee-stars to little or no financial compensation. The story of Dong Bang Shin Ki, one of the most popular singers in South Korea, is a prime example of a trainee star taking his management company to court, complaining that his 13-year contract was too restrictive and allowed him to make virtually no money from his success. This lawsuit was successful, and the singer was able to make amends for his treatment by the court.

One of the most famous scandals involving K-pop artists was the suicide of Jonghyun, a member of the group “Big Bang.” Various artists have committed suicide over the years due to the pressures of being a star. Artists are under constant pressure to create a perfect public image and to fulfill “slave contracts,” and many have felt there was no way out.

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The industry has been criticized for the deaths of idols. While the industry tries to hide behind their idols, there are still plenty of scandals in the entertainment industry. Some idols have been murdered, while others have had their earnings and social lives devalued. Meanwhile, some fans install cameras around their idols’ homes and steal their kisses. The dark side of K pop music entertainment doesn’t have to be all bad.

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