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Why Do Some Celebrities Disappear After Getting So Famous?

Some celebrities have managed to avoid the limelight, but some seem to simply disappear. Some, like Steven Leung, tried to pretend to die during the 9/11 terrorist attacks, while others tried to disappear after cashing their life insurance policies and spending them in Panama. Others, like Justin Bieber, have become so famous that they can no longer be missed on the street. Whatever the reason for their disappearance, it is certainly not fair for everyone to lose a lifetime of fame.

Zhao is not the first megastar in China to vanish after falling out of favor with the government. In July 2018, the actress Fan Bingbing, who co-starred with Zhao in the Chinese film My Fair Princess, disappeared from public view. She ceased to respond to messages sent through social media and friends couldn’t find her at her usual haunts. But in October, she returned to public view after being arrested and fined $127 million for tax evasion.

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The lack of privacy is the biggest drawback of becoming a celebrity. The press knows every single detail of their lives, so they feel pressured to share everything. Some celebrities even physically assault paparazzi. But they didn’t read the fine print when they signed their contracts, and now they’re facing the consequences. Regardless of the reason, fame and celebrity status can be a stressful and draining experience. But if you don’t know what’s causing their disappearance, read on to learn why some celebrities vanish after becoming so famous.

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